Our Compliance Manager, Guy Chaves, is available to answer any question or doubt you may have about the Code of Business Conduct or any other question in relation to ethics or compliance.

Who can use our whistleblowing channel?

Employees including former employees, trainees and persons involved in a recruitment process or other pre-contractual negotiations. It is also open to self-employed persons, employees of contractors, subcontractors, or suppliers as well as shareholders and Board members.

Our whistleblowing channel allows you to raise a concern anonymously if you rather prefer to do so.

What the whistleblower channel is intended for?

This Whistleblowing channel is exclusively intended for reporting information obtained in a professional context dealing with the Encevo Group in relation to any acts or omissions which are unlawful, or which could conflict the object or purpose of applicable laws, including human rights violations and serious ethical concerns.

Please note that harassment is excluded as it is subject to specific legislations.

Protection against any form of retaliation

The person who will have submitted such information will be protected against any form of reprisals.  To benefit from this protection, the person must have had reasonable grounds to believe that the information was true at the time when it was submitted.

All reports in scope will be properly investigated and treated confidentially. You shall receive an acknowledgement of receipt within 7 days after having submitted your report and feedback shall be given to you in a reasonable timeframe, not exceeding 3 months.

How to report ? Click here!

Fill out the form (you can leave a written report and/or a vocal message) and make sure you SAVE your password.

Follow-up on your report and exchange information on the secured platform using the password to access.

Please note that you request a meeting through the tool in case you would prefer to make a report verbally in a physical meeting.

More information on the whistleblowing process including data protection principles is contained in the information notice.

More information on the external whistleblowing channels can be found here.